Oobaloos Reviews…The Estarer Pet Carrier Bag

April 3, 2020

Anyone who knows me knows that my passions in life are photography, and my dogs! Often, I photograph my dogs! So when the lovely people at Estarer asked me to review another of their bags, this time a pet carrier, I was delighted.

I have 3 dogs. One is a 50kg Saint Bernewfie. So she’s no good! The other is a westie boy…hmmm, maybe?

The Estarer Pet Carrier is actually perfect for my small Jack Russell Remi. Its snug, but thats all you need for travelling. You can also unzip all 4 sides down, tripling the floor space of the bag.

I had wanted to photograph a friends cat in this bag for scale, but due to Covid 19 lockdown, I’ve had to make do with just little Remi. She is quite a petite Jack Russell so I would say this bag suits small, terriers, pug, Chihuahua size dogs and small cats. The material looks very durable; double zipped, wipe clean liners and lots of pockets for puppy paraphernalia. The handles are strong and there is a padded shoulder strap.

I photographed the carrier sat in a regular sized family car. It feels the seat perfectly. It also fits longways on the backseat. I look forward to lots of trips with my little dog and her new carrier bag. Thank you Estarer! 

To purchase this adorable puppy bag, please follow this link:


To see more of Remi’s modelling career, please visit this link here!!


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