Oobaloos Reviews… The Estarer Camera Rucksack

February 18, 2020

When the lovely people from Estarer approached me regarding reviewing their camera bag, the timing was perfect. Next month I am off to a 3 day photography conference where I need a camera or 2, a handful of lenses, my laptop and some notebooks. I didn’t really want to take my big wheely case that takes ALL of the gear I need for a full day wedding shooting. I will also be hitting the streets on a shootout so needed something relatively light and compact that would keep all my beloved camera bits safe and secure.


When the bag arrived, I was pleasantly surprised at the quality for the money. At just shy of £50 this is a relatively inexpensive purchase in comparison to most in the photography world. (Seriously guys, get your kids into photography and they’ll never have money to buy drugs!!)

Height25 centimetres
Length42 centimetres
Width30 centimetres

When you open the main portion of the bag, the zip is closest to your back which I think is great for security. There is a large, slider pocket there which could also take your laptop/tablet. On this occasion, I have shown it here with an organiser notebook.

There is a side access to the main bag which means you can easily get in and grab a lens change on the go!

On the front of the bag is another big, padded section, that I have shown here with a full size MacBook.

For the main camera section, all of the inserts are moveable, including the zip up compartment at the bottom, which I have shown here holding a Holdfast Dual Camera Harness.

I have fit in 2 Nikon D750’s with lenses attached. Personally, I am not a fan of bags that only fit the camera bodies with lens detached. I’m a ‘grab n go’ kinda gal. I have easily slotted in another 3 prime lenses and a flash.

The green liner actually makes it much easier to see what is in your bag. My other kit bags are all black and things get lost under dividers into the Tardis in there. There are lots of little pocket sections for things like memory cards and batteries inside. Also, with easy access to the front are pockets for your phone/keys/purse etc.

Once all zipped up, its easy to sling on your back. I have moved the dividers so that the cameras and lenses are nicely balanced across my back and shoulder to avoid twisting.

There is a clasp to secure the bag at the front. Since I am a fuller figured woman, I personally am not keen on these, but that is personal preference!! 😉

So the Estarer Professional DSLR Camera Laptop Backpack gets a 5* rating from me, Sheryl at Oobaloos Photography.

If any of you are going to be at the AMAZING Phlock Live 2020 in Manchester next month, feel free to say hi and take a looksie!! If you haven’t heard about Phlock, please click the link here and book yourself some inspiration!


Sheryl xx

PS: For scale, I am 5’4″ and a size 18 😁 (More of me to Oobalove 😍)


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