Gloucestershire Wedding Photography: R & J at Kingscote Barn

January 3, 2022

Gloucestershire Wedding Photography: R & J at Kingscote Barn


Rosie and Jon got married with a bang at Gloucestershire wedding venue Kingscote Barn, near Tetbury. When I first spoke to Rosie on the phone, pre pandemic, I knew we were a good match. They stuck with their original May 2021 date throughout and absolutely made the best of it, with outdoor dancing and fire pits. Luckily the weather was blissful, meaning they could have a mask free outdoor ceremony.

I asked Rosie and Jon if they would like to tell me some more about the behind the scenes part of their planning process….so here goes!!

Finding the Perfect Gloucestershire Wedding Venue

We chose Kingscote Barn in Tetbury, Gloucestershire for our wedding venue. We were looking for somewhere that had a rustic feel, a potential to marry outside, and accommodation that could host our nearest and dearest – Kingscote ticked all our boxes! From our first meeting with Lottie, we were immediately sold. The rolling hills and large outdoor space really added to the feeling of privacy, and made for some spectacular back drops too. We loved that you could hide away for photos in the rose garden, or up by their incredible modern honeymoon Treehouse, as well as being congregate outside with everyone after the ceremony to enjoy the drinks. It was everything we wanted and more, and our guests certainly let us know they loved it too!


Wedding Planning Process

Seeing everything coming together on the day was the best part of the wedding planning process- All the suppliers were excellent with making our ideal day a reality. My husband is a project manager, and I love an opportunity to get creative, so we threw ourselves into planning when we got engaged. We were in the process of buying our first home at the time, so had decided to wait a few years to get married (anything to help the savings!) and then covid made its debut the following year. We were determined not to let it ruin our plans, so with constant communication and support from our suppliers we decided to stay with our original chosen date, which really helped make the day feel extremely special, as we knew all the planning had led up to this moment.


Boho Styling

We didn’t use a specific stylist for the day as the barn already has so much character. We were keen to accentuate this and luckily we had an incredibly talented florist – Isabloom – who really helped bring my rustic / boho ideas to life with her suggestions. She provided some beautiful additions, including a real floral and greenery centrepiece for our long banquet style table for the meal, a large flower arrangement for the balcony, and 2 incredible floral pillars which were placed at the end of the aisle that I got to walk through with my Dad, and exit out of with my husband. (Some of our guests liked the pillars so much, that after a couple of glasses of fizz they ended up moving them to another area of the lawn so they could have photos with them- the stuff you don’t plan for is always the best!) There was also the stunning fairy light canopy that was provided by one of Kingscote suppliers – this was a definite yes for us as it helped the feeling of intimacy and cosiness during the wedding breakfast. The rest of the styling was a choice between us and Kingscote – such as using their plain white linen for the tables – and I handmade the additional touches to keep in line with the theme of our wedding – handmade coasters and flower seed packets for the favours, and our order of the day on a painted wooden pallet for example. Several other items we found on Etsy including “Welcome to our Wedding” sign, and the table layout. I had quite a specific idea in mind, and everything went together so well on the day.


Choosing a Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer

Both my husband and I knew we wanted natural, real photos of our wedding day – the posing awkwardly side by side isn’t for us! We were so keen to have a specific style, we spent a lot of time trawling through websites and instagram, and that’s how I came across Oobaloos. It was definitely worth the wait. Sheryl’s love for photography is clear in her photos, she has such a talented eye and I could tell from her sense of humour in the captions and videos (no reels back then!) that we would get along. We knew what style of photo we were after, and after the initial phone call with Sheryl I could tell that she’d put at ease on the big day. We had an engagement shoot with Sheryl, which gave us an idea of what we could expect on the big day, and it was SO much fun. Nothing felt posed or awkward, and the results were incredible. Needless to say the wedding day shots are just as breathtaking, and I’ve been recommending her to everyone ever since.



The Best Bits


There are just so many to choose from – Setting up the venue in the morning together, getting ready with my bridesmaids, saying our vows to each other, laughing / crying during the speeches at the meal, the delicious food, our first dance, having some of the suppliers join us in a cheeky shot or 2 in the evening, pizza in the bath at 2am… the amazing breakfast hampers the next morning! There’s too many to list. All of the planning and organising (and confusion and frustration about covid) completely disappeared on that day. Being surrounded by people that we knew and loved joining us to celebrate our marriage was as good as it sounds. If we could do it all again, we would.


Top Tips for Future Brides

I have a few! Aim for a great wedding, not a perfect wedding. This will help any last minute changes – or things not going quite to plan, or just completely off-piste – to not seem world-ending, and you’ll be able to shrug it off and carry on. Remember, the guests won’t ever know what you had planned, so they won’t notice!

Plan with a budget, and stick to it (as best you can). We knew our main shared priorities were the food, photos & music, and we had a few non-negotiables, so we managed our budget around what we knew we had to have, and the rest was flexed around the “nice to haves” or the “oh look I found extra budget for these because I LOVE THEM”s. On a serious note, having a budget will help you not go overboard, and helps you put the money towards the things you find most valuable – even if that’s the honeymoon!

Don’t be bound by tradition – My husband and I come from divorced families, and my side could easily have filled the barn alone, so having 1 top table would have been a whole drama. The easiest thing to do was to have a long banquet table, and it made conversations so much easier! We’ve recently been to weddings where the bride & groom walked each other down the aisle, and Mums or sisters have made speeches – make the day yours. You won’t regret it.

This is YOUR day – As above. I just capitalised it because it needs to be said louder for the people at the back. This applies to everything from where you choose to get married, who you choose to have there, what you choose to do before, during and after and why. Everything. Let go of the desire to please or impress others. The reason this is so cliché, and said so often, is because it bears repeating. Remember this when you feel your morals or choices called into question whilst you’re planning YOUR day.

Take 10 minutes together once you’re married, just you two – We got given this advice and we’re so glad we took it! No guests, no photographer, just the 2 of you to allow it all to sink in. We asked Sheryl to meet us at the Treehouse (Kingscotes’ honeymoon suite) in a short while, and took ourselves up there to just have a moment of appreciation. We could hear everyone in the grounds laughing and having a lovely time, so it just added to excitement and feeling of achievement for the whole day. It also made for some excellent photos as we made our way back down to rejoin the guests (who were having all the fun with those flower pillars!)

And finally – remember, you’re doing this for a marriage, not just a wedding. After the day is done and the hangovers have subsided, you will both come back home together as husband and wife. Make sure you’re comfortable and fully accepting of that. Take the planning of your wedding as a chance to learn how to work together as a team – it’s great practice for how to plan for any future big moments, together


Venue: Kingscote Barn, Tetbury – Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kingscotebarn/ Website: https://kingscotebarn.co.uk/

Florist: Isabloom Floral Design – https://www.instagram.com/isabloomfloraldesign/ Website: https://www.isabloomfloraldesign.co.uk/

Dress shop: Special Day & Appletons – https://www.instagram.com/specialdayandappletons/ Website: http://www.radisol.co.uk/special-day-appletons/

Dress designer: Madeline Gardner Suits: Moss Bros – Website: https://www.moss.co.uk/

Hair: Kirsty Mathews – https://www.instagram.com/bridalbykirstymatthews/

Makeup: Victoria Draper – MUA Website: http://vickydraper.com/

Caterers: CleverChefs – https://www.instagram.com/cleverchefsuk/ Website: https://www.cleverchefs.co.uk/

Any other suppliers you’d like to shout out to:

Dorota – The incredible lady who altered my dress! Without her it wouldn’t have looked nearly as good as it did https://www.facebook.com/dorota.bridalalterations

LaClosetDeChanel – The woman behind the bridesmaids dresses, ties and pocket squares! Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/laclosetdechanel/ Website: https://www.laclosetdechanel.com/

The whole team at Kingscote Barn, who provided some lanterns we could use for the evening, and their suppliers with the fairy light canopy- it really added a touch of elegance to the whole barn! Website: https://www.every-event-hire.co.uk/fairy-lighting-gloucestershire.html


If you would like to chat to Sheryl about your wedding photography, pop over to the CONTACT page!

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