Hereford Wedding Photographer: L&D at Lyde Court

January 31, 2022

Hereford Wedding Photographer:

Lisa-Lauren & Dave at Lyde Court Wedding Venue


Lyde Court is one of my favourite wedding venues. I adore the dark and moody rustic vibe paired with the cosy twinkle of candlelight throughout. I was delighted when Lisa-Lauren and Dave booked me as their Hereford Wedding Photographer.

Over to Lisa-Lauren to tell us all about her, Dave and Bump, now Baby Nora’s big day!


Where did you get married and what attracted you to this venue? 

We got married at Lyde Court, a Hereford Wedding Venue that I (Lisa-Lauren) had decided I was going to get married at before I had even met Dave. When he proposed we decided to view two venues, the first one was beautiful but as we stepped into the main barn at Lyde Court I burst into tears – it is so beautiful. We also liked that we could have an outdoor ceremony, fire pits and that there was really affordable accommodation on site for our guests. Being a rough and ready couple we appreciated the rustic feel, polished edges just aren’t for us! 

What was the best part of the wedding planning process? 

CAKE TASTING. COVID made wedding planning exceedingly stressful, so we enjoyed the initial stages before COVID. We booked all of our main suppliers 3/4 years in advance because we didn’t want to miss booking someone we loved. So I would say the relief knowing we had booked our main suppliers and didn’t have to compromise was the best part! 

What styling did you eventually go for and why? 

We were originally meant to get married in November 2020 (but COVID) so we wanted autumnal styling – it fits the theme of Lyde Court beautifully but is also our favourite season. I suppose it was maybe a bit odd to keep the theme in what ended up being a mid September (shotgun) wedding on a very warm day – but we didn’t have the heart to not use all of the knitted pumpkins! 

How did you find your photographer and what was the most important factor in the perfect match for you? 

I found Sheryl (Hereford Wedding Photographer) on the venue’s Instagram page. Lyde Court is very dark so it was important to us to use someone who was used to the lighting there. We were confident she’d know all the cool spots around the venue! We also wanted someone who was relaxed so wasn’t going to shoot really forced group shots, we wanted candid style photography.

When we looked at Sheryls website there was no question, we had to have her – hence our booking 3.5 years in advance !! 

What was the most memorable part of the wedding day? 

×When we were sat at dinner, looking out over all of our guests and seeing them all talking and laughing with each other. 

×walking down the aisle with my mum and seeing Dave in his suit. 

×just feeling absolutely in love with my whole heart and body.

Any top tips for future brides? 

Don’t get married 30 weeks pregnant- it is HARD work. But also so amazing that our little girl was there with us all along. BUT I would say, book your suppliers as soon as you know you want them, don’t delay. Ask suppliers for their recommendations of other people – the wedding community are like a little family and getting people who work well together creates such a lovely atmosphere and helps with communication around timings. Amy and Tabby worked amazingly together with Sheryl making for a smooth morning. 


Hereford Wedding Photographer – Oobaloos Wedding Photography

Venue: Lyde Court – www.lydecourt.com

Florist: Herefordshire Flower Studio- www.theherefordshireflowerstudio.com

Dress shop: David’s Bridal- www.davidsbridal.co.uk

Dress designer: Galina Signature 

Suits: Cox of Malvern – www.coxofmalvern.co.uk

Hair: Tabitha MacCurrach-Paine –www.hairbytabitha.com

Makeup: Amy Laney – www.amylaney.com

Caterer: In house at Lyde Court 

Venue styling: done by ourselves, with Daves mum knitting 400 pumpkins and some props and sign writing provided by Simply Borrowed Wedding Hire – www.simplyborrowedweddinghire.co.uk

Cake maker: Sharon McGowan – www.mcgowanweddingcakes.com


Any other suppliers you’d like to shout out to!

××Lilberts Event Hire for the Mr & Mrs Wise sign – www.lilbertseventhire.co.uk

×× PoshBear for videography – www.poshbear.co.uk

×× Ele – handmade wedding shoes –www.elehandmadeshoes.com

For more Barn Wedding by Oobaloos Wedding Photography please visit https://oobaloos.co.uk/category/weddings/barn-weddings/

If you would like to talk to Sheryl about booking your wedding photography, please pop to the contact form page here: https://oobaloos.co.uk/contact/


Photos by Hereford Wedding Photographer: Sheryl at Oobaloos Photography

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