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May 23, 2020

Tipi Wedding Venues: “Tipi or Not Tipi; That is the Question!”

Can I still have my dream Tipi Wedding now that my wedding date has been rescheduled to a totally different season?!

Most of my 2020 couples have had to reschedule their wedding, and I would say 50% have totally changed season. What does this mean for your wedding planning and decor?

Its lovely to have seasonal flowers and decor for your big day, PLUS you save a bundle of spondoolies on using stuff that is locally and readily available! BONUS!!

I have put together two marvellous Tipi Weddings that couldn’t be more different!

Hayley and Scott got married on a scorching day in the first weekend of September at Alcott Weddings and Events. They had a festival wedding and a celebrant ceremony taken by Justine at Just Celebrations. Their day was filled with three different bands and a saxophonist playing chilled Ibiza style set in the afternoon with ice-creams. It was a wedding that kept me on my toes with a very crazy wedding party. I loved every second of it!

Kaysie and Jonathon got married a few days before Christmas at Enchanting Woodland Weddings. Their ceremony was booked to be in the heart of the woodlands, but constant storms and rains in the weeks and month preceding this meant that the ground was an absolute slop fest so the ceremony was moved to the very edge of the car park. As a photographer, I always scanned every angle to make it look as much like the woodland ceremony they originally wanted.

Their ceremony was performed by Tanith Garcia, a humanist celebrant.

Their guests were treated to entertainment by a brass band playing festive tunes and carols, mulled wine, fire pits and cosy warmth inside the Tipi. It was very atmospheric!

I hope you enjoy looking at these two Tipi Weddings side by side to show how you can still have every traditional part of your wedding day, no matter what season or weather, just switch it up to suit you!

See Hayley and Scott’s PUGHFEST feature in Whimsical Wonderland Weddings!

Kind Words from Hayley and Scott:

After all the planning and the wedding finally taking place! It was vital that we were able to treasure these memories forever to record our story. We only had one shot at this so it was important when counting up costs that a photographer was in the budget. After looking on the internet we came across reputable photographers who were either booked, too expensive or wouldn’t shoot for us due to our little four legged fur baby being at the ceremony. This is when we found Sheryl from Oobaloos Photography, it was meant to be, not only was her work stunning she was also amazing at shooting her four legged clients, and what more she was available for our day. As a bride I was usually a control freak however when it came to photography I was the opposite. Not a girl usually for the modern day ‘selfie’ the whole photo situation was scary. So with little help (which means none) from myself or Scott, Sheryl literally had to sort everything for us. Which made our day even more perfect as we went through the day with no hassle (we just wanted to enjoy the party with our guests and not miss out) and she managed to herd a party of a 100 drunken guests and provide us with a gallery which is out of this world and that we will cherish for years to come.

Kind Words from Kaysie & Jonathan:

Sheryl is an amazing photographer and worth every penny! Our wedding photos are stunning and probably make it look better than it actually was! She was lovely and completely unfazed by all our weirdness, the disasters with the weather, the timings and the fact we had to move the ceremony area last minute! She worked incredibly hard and spent the whole wedding breakfast already editing photos on her laptop. She made the couples and group photos short and sweet and I hardly noticed her taking most of the photos- which is perfect as I get a little bit uncomfortable posing for photos. I would definitely recommend her to anyone! Thank you Sheryl

Summer Tipi Wedding Venue: Alcott Wedding and Events

Winter Tipi Wedding Venue: Enchanting Woodland Weddings

Summer Celebrant: Justine Wyckerd at Just Celebrations

Winter Celebrations: Tanith Garcia

Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer: Oobaloos Photography

Creative Wedding Photography

Natural Wedding Photography


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