Gloucestershire Wedding Photography: Five Ways to Include your Dog at Your Wedding

June 16, 2020

Gloucestershire Wedding Photography: Dogs at Weddings

Are you a couple in puppy love? Why not let your pooch play a part in your big day? I am going to share with you my FIVE TOP TIPS on how to include your dog on your wedding day.

I make no secret about the fact I am a Mad Dog Lady. Before I even owned a camera, I was known around Cheltenham as Safe N Sound Pet Care since 2003. I have had dogs all my life, and spent the last 15 years caring for the pooches of the Cotswolds. Anyone following my social media will know all about the escapades of our Kodi, Roo and Remi. They are a funny trio! Kodi is a 3 year old Saint Bernard X Newfoundland girl, Roo (Rupert) is an 18 month old Westie boy and Remi is a 12 month old darling of a Jack Russell. They make people laugh wherever they go and are all the best of friends.

Here are my babies!

 My very first professional photography was Dog Portraits and UKA Agility competition photography. Its given me a very fast trigger finger and certainly helped me hone the skill of capturing unique and fleeting moments. I am so happy when our four legged friends are part of your day. They are a delight to capture and help tell your wedding story.

ONE- Make man’s best friend a member of the bridal party

Whether flower girl, best man, or maid of honour, dogs at weddings should look just as dapper as the rest of the wedding party. Think bow-ties and tuxedo waistcoats for boys and a pretty floral collars for girls.

This stunning collar was made to match our model for this shoot by the talented florist Damson and Vine, who is a future OobaBride of mine and be bringing her doggos Kikki and Belle to their wedding. YAY!

Our lovely model Kate is ALSO a future bride of mine and will be having their Frenchie, Coco with them for their big day.

Have you recognised the pup model? My very own Remi ❤️

TWOThey can walk you down the aisle

You spend half of your life walking your favourite countryside spots, or pounding your local streets so why not have them by your side for some of the most important steps you’ll ever take.

Bertie (Clare’s Cockapoo) and Jen (Matt’s Border Collie) came together at the aisle and kissed. It was flipping adorable. They gave their permissions for their parents to marry and their families became one.

THREE: They can be your Ring Bearer

Google, Etsy and Ebay are your wedding planning best friends when it comes to finding bespoke wedding items. Look at this adorable bow tie and clip for Cody’s collar. This was one proud pup as he thundered up the aisle, straight to his mum and dad and delivered the rings with great aplomb.

FOUR- Pets are known to help reduce anxiety

Before you walk down the aisle, spend a few moments snuggling your sweet pooch. Enjoy some private time between the ceremony and reception soaking up your first few moments as a married couple. A walk with your dogs is the perfect way to get away (and capture some more cute photos).

FIVEPhotos on the table with loved ones

If your dog CAN’T be there for any reason, such as distance, it may stress them (or you) out, or they are just little whirling dervishes, why not include them in your engagement shoot and have a memento by your guest book on your wedding day so everyone can enjoy their happy faces without the dirty paws or slobber 😂

OR get a friend, or doggy boarding service to bring your pupper up to the reception just to say hi, and for some photos then they can be taken home again and you carry on with your celebrations knowing that they are safe n sound!

Oh, and if your four legged baby is slightly on the larger, horsey kinda side… I’m cool with that too!!

I really hope you’ve enjoyed reading my ‘Five Ways to Include your Dog at Your Wedding’, from me, your Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer. Hopefully its given you some ideas, or at the very least, who doesn’t like looking at puppy pictures anyway?!

If you are getting married and are looking for a photographer who is not only comfortable with dogs, but will make sure they are just as much of a spotlight as you are, then please do get in touch.

My contact page is right here.

Speak soon!!


Sheryl xxx


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