Dogs at Weddings

October 3, 2019

Are you a couple in puppy love? Why not let your pooch play a part in your big day?

I make no secret about the fact I am a Mad Dog Lady. Before I even owned a camera, I was known around Cheltenham as Safe N Sound Pet Care since 2003. I have had dogs all my life, and spent the last 15 years caring for the pooches of the Cotswolds. Anyone following my social media will know all about the escapades of our Kodi and Roo. The dynamic duo, the Laurel and Hardy, the Morcambe and Wise, the Ying and Yang of the dog world. Kodi is a 2 year old Saint Bernard X Newfoundland girl and Roo (Rupert) is an 11 month old Westie boy. They make people laugh wherever they go and are the best of friends. We recently offered a home to a young Jack Russell girl who we’ve named Remi and she is feisty, and adorable and has fitted in with Kodi and Roo so beautifully. Here are my babies!

I know that the right couples are finding me when their first enquiries include “we are bringing our dogs to our wedding…”

 My very first professional photography was Dog Portraits and UKA Agility competition photography. Its given me a very fast trigger finger and certainly helped me hone the skill of capturing unique and fleeting moments. I am so happy when our four legged friends are part of your day and they are a delight to capture and to help tell your wedding story.

There are so many ways to include dogs in weddings.

-Make man’s best friend a member of the bridal party—whether ring bearer, flower girl, best man, or maid of honour.

-Dogs in weddings should look just as dapper as the rest of the wedding party. Think bow-ties and tuxedos for boys, floral collars and tutus for girls.

-Pets are known to help reduce anxiety. Before you walk down the aisle, spend a few moments snuggling your sweet pooch.

-Enjoy some private time between the ceremony and reception soaking up your first few moments as a married couple. A walk with your dogs is the perfect way to get away (and capture some more cute photos).

Oh, and if your baby is slightly on the more horsey side…I’m cool with that too!!

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