Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer

I know what love is

because of you

Love in the cornfields

a British countryside affair

Bring, bring, bring your flowered hat

we'll take the trail marked on your Father's map

A rustic barn wedding

British love stories

The softest touch

your warm embrace

When two souls merge into one

magic happens

Elegance is Timeless. Love is Eternal.

true romance

True love lasts a lifetime

a lifetime spent with you

Kiss me out of the bearded barley

beside the green, green grass

19 19


If we called her the best photographer in the universe we would still not be doing her justice. Excelling with artistic style and creativity, she just has ‘the eye’ for a good picture. Sheryl captured moments in our wedding no one else would have even noticed and the final collection is something we will treasure forever.

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